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Shades of History appears before us as a strange kind of hypnotic stage magic. An illusory act of bodily disappearance, drenched in the desire to deceive. Katrín’s dancing body – with all its needs for rest and recovery – labours to render itself invisible behind the magic and illusion of a dance that hopes to never tire, but rather flow endlessly into evermore flowing flows. 

Haunted by its past animations, Katrín's spasming body-memory provides Katrín with her dance material. Animated by a dance history of gestures and breaths that she has borrowed from other choreographers’ repertoires over the years and incorporated into her own work. At the heart of this illusion dance is a portrait of dance itself and it’s haunting urge to transcend the body of the dancer into pure uninterrupted bodiless flows of movement towards movement.

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