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Stage design for childrens play based on books by Icelandic author Kristín Helga Gunnarsdóttir.

Director: Þórunn Arna Kristjánsdóttir.

Opens at Reykjavik City Theatre in December 2023.


Stage design for musical by Diablo Cody with music by Alanis Morissette.

Director: Álfrún Helga Örnólfsdóttir. 

Opens at Reykjavik City Theatre in February 2024.


Costume design for new opera by Daniel Bjarnason. 

Stage director Rodula Gaitanou. 

Opens at The Icelandic Opera in autumn 2024


Soft Shell is an ongoing research project initiated by choreographer Katrín Gunnarsdóttir in 2020.

It investigates how various audio and visual stimuli can trigger a meditative state and tingling sensation. Drawing from the aesthetics and content of ASMR videos, Soft Shell explores how and if these sensations can be evoked as bodies interact with installations and costumes that play with various textures, shapes, colors and different levels of transparency. 







Eva Signý Berger (b.1981) is a freelance stage and costume designer based in Reykjavík, Iceland. She has designed over 40 productions and has received multiple nominations for Gríman, The Icelandic Theatre awards for her work in both stage and costume design. She works in theatre, dance, puppetry and opera and has designed for short films and fine art projects. In 2019 she represented Iceland at PQ - The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design. 

In 2007 Eva completed her BA degree in Design for Performance at Central Saint Martins in London, where she discovered and developed an interest in devised and site specific performance, physical theatre and puppetry. The experimental and innovative nature of these genres influenced the way she thinks about design and approaches her practice, while working over a broad scale of genres and differrent styles of perormance. 

The diversity of the work and its collaborative nature is what drives Eva as an artist. She has a deep passion for the performing arts, their fleeting quality and the intuitive yet structured nature of the creative process. She is interested in communication and how one can speak to the subconscious of an audience through the visual.


In 2015 Eva started working with choreographer Katrín Gunnarsdóttir. Through their collaboration Eva has been able to explore the development of ideas and visual elements from one performance to another. Together they have created a body of work that explores softness, sensitivity, ever-changing movement and the integration of bodies with their environment. In their creative process the visual and the choreographical influence each other and are allowed to develop simultaneously to the point where one would not exist without the other. In their most recent performance, ALDA, they experiment with shedding the time constraint and structure of the theatre environment, creating a durational dance performance in the context of fine art and the gallery.  



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